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Corporate Leader Campaign Helps Support PAMIC's Advocacy Efforts

Throughout PAMIC’s 110 year history, the association has built a reputation for successful legislative representation of the mutual industry through financial support of elected officials.

The 2018 PAMIC PAC Corporate Leader Program commences January 2018 and runs through March 31, 2018. Our Overall Goal for the 2018 PAMIC PAC Corporate Leader Program is $10,000.

Why Should You Contribute?

  • To help support elected officials who care about our industry.

  • To amplify PAMIC’s message of developing laws and regulations that make sense and help us compete.

  • In order to stay invested in the legislative and regulatory process.

  • Support your company’s grassroots efforts as individual contributor. Each contribution of $100 earns points toward our grassroots recognition awarded at the Annual Convention.

What are the key Issues your contribution will support?

  • Bringing transparency to the Insurance Department's use of expensive outside vendors (HB 1335, SB 956).

  • Developing Financial & Market Conduct Exam Best Practices (HB 1851).

  • Making sense of the new Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure bill (HB 1848).

  • Developing consumer protections surrounding “Storm Chaser” contractors.

  • Bringing clarity to Personal Umbrella policy cancellation procedures.

  • Developing an approach to Homeowner Insurance Policy changes without requiring technical non-renewals.

Suggested Giving Levels

Company Annual PremiumBoard Member Company Officer Managers 
 < $5 million$250 $250 $200 
 < $10 million$300 $300 $250 
 < $25 million$400 $400 $350 
 < $100 million$500 $500 $450 
 > $100 million$1,000 $1,000 $500 

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