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Bill Research Report 06-05-2018 - 10:30:23



HB 238   
Kampf, Warren(R) Act providing for transparency of claims made against asbestos-related bankruptcy trusts, for compensation & allocation of responsibility, for the preservation of resources & for the imposition of liabilities.
Companions: HCO 719 (Co-sponsor Memo)
Printer Number(s): P0204 
Track Name(s): Liability(Monitor), Tracked Legislation(Monitor-Support)
Last Action: 6- 7-17 H Passed over in committee House Judiciary
HB 781   
Nesbit, Tedd(R) Amends Title 42 (Judiciary) extensively revising statutory arbitration; and making editorial changes.
Companions: HCO1274 (Co-sponsor Memo)
Printer Number(s): P0856 
Track Name(s): Liability(Monitor), Tracked Legislation(Monitor-Opposed)
Last Action: 5- 9-17 H Passed over in committee House Judiciary
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Total Bills: 2   2  
Track(s):   (Master List Only)Auto Budget Co-sponsorship Memo's Financial Regulation General Regulation Homeowners Hot Bills Liability Licensing Other Tracked Legislation Worker's Comp 

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