The PAMIC PAC was founded in 1979 to form a grassroots coalition of PAMIC's membership. The original name for the PAC was the Pennsylvania Mutual Institute for Legislative Action but was changed to the PAMIC PAC to reflect the values of the association and its members more appropriately.

The PAC provides advocacy for members in three ways:

  • PAMIC works with legislators and regulators on a personal basis assuring your issues are heard
  • PAMIC provides accurate, timely and relevant information regarding regulatory and legislative issues
  • PAMIC advocates for you on a grassroots basis by connecting and engaging you with elected officials and policymakers
The goal of the PAC is to make a real impact for our member companies through action. Currently, we are focused on the issue of exam costs and how they affect small and large insurers.

The success of the PAMIC PAC relies heavily on our generous donors. Donations to the PAC support elected officials who understand the needs of the mutual insurance industry, allows our association to have a unified voice and keeps the mutual industry strong and engaged. 

Donations can be made on our Contribution page. Please consider donating today!

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