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The Pennsylvania Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (PAMIC) is a trade association that has proudly represented the Mutual Insurance Industry since 1907. Our membership comprises some of the most historic companies in the industry, along with new companies who are thriving under the same model. Today our 57 member groups represent 108 property and casualty insurers licensed to do business in Pennsylvania. While we are based in Pennsylvania, PAMIC membership represents the majority of the Mid-Atlantic region. Our companies hail from: Ohio, Michigan, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, West Virginia and Virginia. 

Beyond mutual companies, we represent over 130 market members who are crucial in upholding the value and operations of our member groups. Some examples of our associates are: law firms, accounting firms, reinsurance companies, restoration companies and technology firms. Our mission is to continue the illustrious history of the Mutual Insurance Industry through our three pillars: Education, Advocacy, and Networking. 

Advocacy: We will be the mutual insurance industry's most loyal advocate before the Pennsylvania state government and the region's consumers, and the most reliable, timely source of information on regulatory/legislative issues affecting the industry.

Education: We will provide technical and managerial training opportunities for our member companies and related industry partners in the Mid Atlantic Region. We will constantly evaluate the success of our educational programs and update them to assure they meet the current needs of our member companies.

Networking: We will provide our membership and related industry partners in the Mid Atlantic region with opportunities to interact and draw upon the expertise and knowledge of all of their fellow members. Our success will be measured by the financial stability and strength of our member companies and by having full participation among companies eligible to become PAMIC members.


Our mission is to support our membership in successfully meeting the needs of their policyholders, agents, employees and Board members. PAMIC will accomplish this mission by providing members with highly valued advocacy, educational programs, and networking opportunities.


PAMIC will be Pennsylvania’s acknowledged expert on legislative and regulatory issues affecting the mutual insurance industry and serve as the Mid-Atlantic Region's premier source of education and networking for the insurance professionals of mutual insurance companies, mutual holding companies, and other insurers operating in the region.

Core Values

  • Maintaining the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and professionalism
  • Commitment to open communication, innovation, and learning
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Respect for others and their beliefs
  • Belief in insurance as a valuable and essential economic tool

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