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Committee Roundup

Committee membership and participation are crucial to the continued success of PAMIC. Committee members perform essential functions such as: plan seminars and conventions, contact speakers and experts, monitor legislative action and provide high-quality education and training for employees and executives.

Represent the interests of associate members as they apply to PAMIC's goals of education, networking, and advocacy. Create forums beneficial to associate members.
Provide quality educational seminars; provide forums on claims questions. Research and disseminate relevant claims related information to the PAMIC membership.

Assist PAMIC Director of Education in planning the Annual Convention including speaker selection, locations, and participation by other state trade associations.

This committee is tasked with developing ideas, topics and speakers for the Eastern and Western Group meetings held in October and April each year. Membership of this Committee is for mutual members and Premium Gold Sponsors.

Education Committee:
Maintain and enhance quality and profitability of PAMIC educational activities. Promote visibility of, and Attendance, at all PAMIC educational activities. Coordinate all PAMIC educational activity to assure full coverage of all relevant topics and to reduce any unneeded duplication of topics.

Plan and produce a quality educational seminar and, in coordination with the Education Committee, provide roundtables and other forums as needed on financial management, accounting, financial reporting, tax, and investment functions of company operations. Serve as a resource for financial management questions and alert association to emerging issues in financial management.

Closely monitor insurance legislative, regulatory and judicial developments and assess their impact on PAMIC membership. Respond appropriately to the issues. Assist in development and
maintenance of government affairs communications program with membership and foster and promote direct member communication with legislators and regulators.

Plan and produce quality seminars to improve the training of employees.

To provide educational support and to foster the exchange of information, ideas, and emerging issues relating to information systems technology and methodology as applied to the insurance industry.

Legal Issues Committee:
The Legal Issues Committee is responsible for assisting PAMIC leadership and the Government Affairs Committee by providing analysis of emerging legal issues, new regulations, and statutes affecting the Mutual Insurance Industry. Additionally, this committee will assist in reviewing Amicus requests/briefs and provides input for legal webinars to benefit the membership.

Assist PAMIC staff and the board in addressing marketing and communications initiatives to better serve the needs of our members. Advise PAMIC directly on marketing and communications strategies that are emerging in current markets.  

Student Involvement Committee:
Combines the unique resources of company members and to assist PAMIC in creating a student based educational segment.

Underwriting and Loss Prevention Committee:

Provide quality educational seminars, round-tables, and forums designed to enhance professional skills in underwriting, loss control, and related fields. Research and disseminate emerging underwriting and loss control techniques, issues, and problems.

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