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2018 Financial Management Seminar

Over the past year, the Insurance Department has gone through many changes including appointing a new Insurance Commissioner, Jessica Altman. The Financial Management Seminar held presentations from Joseph DiMemmo, Deputy Insurance Commissioner of PA Department of Insurance,  Rick Hartmann III, Vice President and Broker, JLT RE, Carrie Small, Partner, Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP and Mike Gehr, Tax Senior Manager, Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP,  Jon Heckscher, Senior Vice President and Director of Fixed Income and Investment Strategy, Pennsylvania Trust, Leslie R. Marlo, Madison Consulting Group, Inc., Lesley Bosniack, Managing Partner LT Analytics, and Hank Straub, Principal, Brown Schultz Sheridan & Fritz. 


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Serving the Mid-Atlantic Through Creative Underwriting: The Windsor-Mount Mutual Insurance Company

Stepping through the doors of the Windsor-Mount Joy Mutual Insurance Company, one is awed by the nautical theme and intricate model ships scattered throughout the building. Former company manager and the namesake of G.R. Klinefelter Underwriters once owned and operated a cruise ship in the Chesapeake Bay. The 4-masted schooner, which he called the Grace G. Bennett, sailed the Chesapeake from 1946-1951.

His time operating the Grace G. Bennett would eventually inspire a book of insurance business that included ocean marine policies.

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PAMIC Student Involvement Committee and Bloomsburg University Come Together to Offer Insurance Minor

This year PAMIC formed the Student Involvement Committee to address the challenges that member companies are facing when attracting young talent. The focus of the committee is to become involved in on-campus student events and to assist in the formation of insurance minors at Pennsylvania state schools.

The Committee recently had its first success, as the Bloomsburg University has decided to move forward with the development of an insurance minor.

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Recent Laws Affecting the Insurance Industry

Ron Gallagher, PAMIC President, has prepared a list of recently enacted legislation that impacts the insurance industry across Pennsylvania. As an organization, PAMIC is working hard to provide information and education on legislation that affects the membership.

We are also focused on providing positive advocacy efforts to make certain that our collective voice is heard, and that legislation is created the provides a level playing field for mutual insurance companies.

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